Talent and the bands of which they are associated:

Mickey Madden - Maroon 5, Collapsing Scenery

Ryan Ross - Panic! At the Disco, The Young Veins

Bad Suns

Jessica Ramsey - Moon Honey

Z Berg - Phases, JJAMZ, The Like

A.J. Jackson, Aaron Sharp - Saint Motel

Samira Winter - Winter

Emily Lazar - September Mourning

Travis Hawley - Night Riots

Octavio Genera - The Soft White Sixties

Nick Long - Dark Waves 

Nick White - Bright Eyes, Tilly and the Wall, Viva Violet The Young Veins

Trevor O'Neil - Sympathetic Frequencies

Samantha Barbera - The Beginners, Malbec, Holy Fever

Lexie Helgerson - Who Can Sleep

Jiha Lee -  Orenda Fink, The Good Life, Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Viva Violet, Rob and Laura

Lael Neal

Doug Locke - Locke the Artist

Annie Rothschild, Adrian Isom - Nocona

Anthony Rossomando - Lady Gaga, The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things


Neeraj Kane - The Beginners, The Suicide File, Holy Roman Empire, The Hope Conspiracy, Holy Fever

Dani Artaud - Millionaires, Snowblood, Mr. Downstairs

Jenna Morrison - The Conduits, Son, Ambulance

Juno Temple

Miles Melendrez - Decorator

Eric McNeely - Fallbrooke, Coyote

Mario Polanco - Moons of Mars

Clay Priskorn 

Amy Blaschke

Jon Walker - Panic! At the Disco, The Young Veins

Nick Hinman - Palm Springsteen

Mike Shaffer - Coyote

Dustin Hollenbeck - Coming, Pleasures

Jeff Michael - Jeff Michael and the Geminis

Aaron Ballard - The World Record, The Parson Red Heads

Asia Whiteacre - Hailee Steinfeld, Mr. Downstairs

Ashley Nyman

Sam Fowles - The Parson Red Heads

Tom Oakes, Kyle Lobeck - More Amor

Jade Devitt - Gale Forces

Jeremy Hatcher - Seven Circle Sunrise

Jesse Spring – Empty Palace

Brian Masek - American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost, Holy Fever

Elise Silver - Diamond Gold

Caitlin Anne Webster - American Lion

Kayla Cohen - Itasca

Patrick Houston - Empty Palace, Snow Bridges

Dave Tosti

Brett Bickford - Mute Swans

Greg Murray

Linda Rainwater – Ex Voto

Annie Monroe - The Like

Belle Hengsathorn

Dallas Dodson

Aiyona Cadwell 

Galena Bergquist 

Scout Willis

Dree Hemmingway

Herizen Guardiola

Clayton Ferris

Alyssa Livingston

Paige Elkington

Nico Adams

Matt Bogdanow